Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kittee: 1989-2010

Today is a sad day  here.  We have to say Good-by to Kittee, our twenty year old Siamese cat. He waited until we got back home from hospital. He spent the last weeks on my lap night and day ... Very demanding. 

Even when he couldn't hardly walk, he climbed aboard.

[hours later]

They brought his body back home to be put in our back yard with the other two.  He has gone to the vet's almost every day for fluids for over a year.  He established relationships with every person there (they would talk to him, not to us).  So he went to sleep among his adorating fans as well as Linda and mikee.  What a way to go.

Paul Escriva wrote:
Hi Frankie,

Sorry to hear that Kittee passed on.
I can remember when I met him in 1993....
The first time I walked into the house he looked across the room and very loudly talked to me.
Later that night he found his way into the bedroom.
I awoke with him tip-toeing across the back of my pillow until he settled down and decided to curl up on the end of the futon for a little snooze.

Heaps of hugs to everyone,


Lob & Yvette wrote:
very sad Frank.. sorry to hear of Kittee's passing.
hugs and condolences to you and the family.

Lob & Yvette

Diana L. Battle wrote:
So sorry to hear that. I am going through the fluid thing with my 14 yr old kitty,Cleo now.. They can be so comforting.

Annie Sprinkle wrote:
Thinking of you, here in West Virginia, when I read about your cat.
So sorry that you loose this precious member of your family.

Better to have loved and lost...

Sending world's sexiest and biggest flower for funeral. by email.

Frank Moore wrote:
yes, Annie, we miss him.  But we had time to hang out with him.  You lost your cats in the fire without a warning.  That must be harder.

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