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In the hospital several nurses said to me separately that they always thought that they needed kids so  they would have someone to take care of them when they got old.  But when they saw how we six were tribally taking care of one one another, they realized that there are many different ways, many kinds of families.  It blew them out how were there for one another.
In Freedom,
Frank Moore 

Dr. Richard Kerbavaz replied:
Indeed!  I had several of the nurses and therapists comment about how well everyone was able to pull together to help Frank.  That's a pretty good working definition of what family is all about

Frank Moore replied:
exactly!  And it was day-to-day for six weeks, so they saw it wasn't just show...  But very practical down to earth love /intimacy /tribal body that operates effectively uNder hard situations.

Btw, RK is doctor Kerbavaz, my ent for over twenty years...  But much more!  A dear friend!  He is on the e-salon.  He put in my trach, and basically is over seeing my recovery.  We email him questions almost daily !  he even checked in on me on his camping trip! 

Annie Sprinkle replied:
Wow Frank and Family.
Thanks for showing us the way to do hopsitols and aging and illness as love and art.
Very inspiring.
You should be so super proud of yourselves for being so phenomenal and special.

Frank Moore repilied:
yes annie, life always gives you opportunities to do possibilities-opening art.  The emails I got were my first sign that it wasn't just my personal situation that was involved.   many demanded me to do my duty and live to  do more trouble-making magic together.  There was a thick pile of them before I was in any shape to understand reading them.  But when I was, a lot of them said i better not die or else.

There are a lot of layers of this "piece "...  The RECOVERING CAM...  A great female singer (Kaitlin McGaw) came over last week to give us a concert...  Tomorrow a reporter (my nurse's brother) is coming to interview me about IHSS....  So you never know what a piece will lead to.  But this is a little extreme even for me...  Although I did do DYING IS SEXY before.

Kaitlin McGaw replied:
You guys are so dear. Thanks for sharing, Frank and Linda!
Stay full of life, joy and love.


Frank replied:
Kaitlin, it meant a lot to me that you came and sang to us.

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