Wednesday, November 24, 2010

peg tube update

Ah, well, today at the doctor's office, my PEG [feeding] tube [which I had to let them put in to get out of the hospital] didn't /wouldn't come out even after a couple of hard yanks...  Which turns out to happen in five percent of cases [this was the first time I heard that fact].  So I need to go to the hospital for an operation to remove it.  So there is at least one more hoop to jump through in this journey!  It also turns out most people keep their tubes in for forever!  So removing them ain't an everyday affair!  Again that is the first time I heard that!

Annie Sprinkle wrote:
Happy thanksgiving!

Frank Moore wrote:
exactly, Annie!  Well put!  We decided to slow the process way down, cancel the operation, get other options and opinions.  Another risk of that "procedure" is tearing the Esophagus !  If that happens, you would need a PEG feeding tube, etc!  I don't know yet
the odds of that happening...  But...

Paul Escriva wrote:
Oh shit Frankie....
sorry to hear this.
Conversely, I'm glad you are well enough not to need a PEG.
Odd that this is the first time you're hearing the scoop!