Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The PEG is out!!

Well, today I went to my G.  P., John Good as a part of the process of getting a second opinion about having the operation to remove the PEG tube.  We have been emailing him about how the specialist [hereafter will be referred to as THE IDIOT] was not able to pull the tube out .  Doctor Good, like Doctor Kerbavaz, has been our family doctor for over thirty years.  In the  back of our minds we wished Good would try to pull the tube out.  But we didn't think that was in the cards because after all the idiot specialist failed.  But when we told Good that the idiot was so uncomfortable around me that he would not talk to me the first time, that he asked if Linda and mikee really had to be in the room, that the people whose tubes he took out were normally comatose, etc, Good asked if I wanted him to try to pull it out because he shared our concerns about the operation.  Of course I said YES!  So after two strong pulls with the right intention, THE TUBE WAS OUT!  NO OPERATION NEEDED!  Dr. Good, like Kerbavaz, is my hero!  And I am typing this three hours later!


Stephen Emanuel wrote:
that's the kind of second opinion we like...have fun at the performance!  Steve and Marjorie

Frank Moore wrote:
you can say that again, Steve!

Sandy Mock wrote:
Interesting, isn't it, that the "specialist" couldn't (or wouldn't) do it, but Dr. Good did...HOORAY FOR DR. GOOD!!!!

Frank Moore wrote:

Dr. Richard Kerbavaz wrote:
Perfect solution!!

Frank Moore wrote:

Claudette Bibb wrote:
How brilliant!! Sounds so easy after all the anxiety caused by THE IDIOT. Wonderful news for you all.

Frank Moore wrote:
exactly, Claudette!

Betsy wrote:
Frank that is wonderful!!! I work with lots of kids with pegs, but unfortunately they typically have to have it because they cannot swallow nor chew to be safe. SO, good for you, glad everything worked out, I applaud you for speaking up and asking questions. Sounds like you had a great visit with our buddy Steve. I keep track of him through you! I miss him, we sure had some good times.
Have a wonderful holiday season with all your family,

Frank Moore wrote:
hey, Betsy!  I learned a long long time ago they often don't know what the fuck they are talking about and they can put a fatal curse on you if you
fall for it!  I never have!

Yep, our tribe is still intact after forty years or more!  Great visit with Steve and his mate!

Paul Escriva wrote:
Hot damn!

Eda Malenky wrote:
what a story!  what a GREAT story!  Good for you  (haha)!  i'm really so glad.  wish i could have a doctor Good in NY. 

it's gotten cold here, but lovely.  we still picked a few raspberries in our backyard.  after alan and our upstairs neighbor/tenant buried her cat there today (poor kitty had feline leukemia and deteriorated suddenly and quickly while she was away 4 wks taking care of her mom in Minneapolis, where btw, it got to 11 degrees.)

so, time for me to get ready for bed so i can get warm from Alan's fur.

again, so glad.  lots of love, eda

Frank Moore wrote:
and ain't that what living is all about?  Creating great stories to re- tell!

Michael Diehl wrote:
Hi Frank and Linda.
Well it is hard to keep a good man like you down for long. I have been struggling with some of my own physical and mental disabilities but part of what gets me through the dark tis the season to be jolly is hearing you on Crack of Dawn singing Christmas songs. Here's to your long life. You are an inspiration of how to beat the odds by being even odder!
Ho ho ho,
Michael Diehl

Frank Moore wrote:
well, Michael, this places a great sacred responsibility over my head!  But I will do my duty tonight!  Keep in mind I just had my trach out, so my voice is untested!  The odds are more odd!

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